Coman Certified Interpreting, LLC is a woman-owned small business (EDWOSB) providing professional sign language interpreting services throughout Florida. CCI takes pride in providing Deaf and hard of hearing consumers with the services of a nationally certified interpreter. CCI is owned and operated by Rose Coman, a nationally certified, freelance interpreter with almost twenty years of experience. Requests are predominantly filled by Rose herself; however, when she is not available, CCI will arrange for a trusted and skilled colleague to provide service on her behalf.

You can trust CCI to provide interpreting services because:

  • CCI aims to provide all participants with professional and high-quality services.
  • CCI partners with top-notch interpreters across Florida.
  • CCI offers competitive rates.
  • CCI is Deaf-consumer conscious in all business decisions.
  • CCI values Deaf consumers’ rights to access communication.

Interpreters work with CCI because:

  • CCI is an interpreter-owned company.
  • CCI ensures interpreters are provided with all necessary information in advance so that they can provide quality-interpreting services.
  • CCI prioritizes using nationally certified interpreters.

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